Eric Doud

Eric Doud is an architect, planner and educator who has been in practice for over 35 years. During that time he has been involved in a wide range of projects from individual residences to large-scale community design. Throughout his work a respect for the natural setting is a common value. This is crafted into form by the use of natural materials, response to the seasonal variations and a recognition of the underlying sacred structure of form. His interests include how the built form can inform, from our daily rituals at a personal scale to communal religious structures. He has walked the pilgrimage trails of the Old World as well as the Americas in the quest for a deeper understanding of how best spirit is bestowed in physical form. He has earned an undergraduate degree in Architecture from the University of Colorado and a Masters of Urban Planning from the University of Notre Dame. He currently holds architectural licenses in California and Colorado.


Michael Sears

Michael Sears began his career in his family’s yacht building business in England. He ran a furniture design studio in London before earning a BA in Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley. Michael has experience with many project types, including devotional architecture, clinical facilities, residential, retail, historic renovation, museum exhibits and straw bale buildings. His projects have appeared in local and national publications, and have been recognized with awards from the California Heritage Council and a prestigious 2013 Palladio Award. A  common theme running through his work is a deep respect for nature and the recognition that good design should respond not only to our practical daily needs but should also provide a healing environment for the inner self. Michael recently completed a low-impact retreat for his family on the Sonoma coast.  He is an accomplished musician and in his spare time he likes to play his fiddle.

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Ivan Myers

Ivan Myers  is a design associate in Denver Colorado.  He earned his Masters of Architecture from the University of Colorado at Denver with a certificate in classical design.   Passionate about modern and traditional architecture, he continually pushes to resolve the functionality of modernism and the legibility of classicism.  His arrival in the profession was the sum of a desire to raise the bar for human habitat and to help society push through to the next epoch without looting the world we live in now.  His time consists of Art-Architecture-Aviation-Absenteeism.   You can follow him on Instagram @ivanmyers. 


Giulia Paradisi

Giulia Paradisi born and raised in Italy, earned her Masters of Architecture from the University of Florence.  History and tradition influence her work as she pushes to integrate new materials into the geometry of our modern world.  She has overcome the hurdle of learning entirely new programs, languages and design systems.   This combined with her international experience makes her a valuable addition to the Design Works team.  





Sophie Sears

Sophie Sears is a Landscape Designer based in the Sacramento Area. She studied at UC Davis and graduated with a BS in Landscape Architecture in 2010 and soon started on the path to establishing her own business, Cal Wild Landscape Design. Her work focuses on creating unique and vibrant spaces that focus resources into creating usable, edible spaces within a framework of a simple and unified, often native, landscapes. She enjoys inspiring a connectivity with her clients to the nature, people and spaces around us.